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Bug every time there's an update

NecrossxNecrossx Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

Hello there! I'm getting a weird issue whenever there's a new event for the game. Every time the game has to update, it just crashes and wont open again, it just says the app crashed.
I found a workaround that consists of deleting the game and then manually deleting the game folder from the phone, restarting the phone and reinstalling the game, move it from the SD card to the phone and then start it again, and it magically works until the next update.
Problem is, my mom's the one who plays the game and i can't explain to her how to do that every time there's an update. Is there any real fix for this issue or is there at least is it a known issue?.
The phone's a Huawei Y550 running android 4.4.4

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