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How do I report another player for abuse or cheating?

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Howdy farmers,

We are sorry if you feel as though you are being harassed by another player (or group of players) or that you are exposed to a posting that you find offensive. Examples of harassment or inappropriate behavior include:

• Posting abusive comments in the forums or on a person's comment wall.

• Posting sexually explicit, racially or religiously disparaging, or otherwise inappropriate content on a Zynga operated message board.

• Cheating

To report users for harassment or abuse, please inform us by using the Report Abuse link from within the game you are playing.

Some games offer a form to report the abuse. In that case, please follow the instructions of the form. In other games, you will get an email address where you can contact us.

In your email, please include the following important pieces of information:

• Your UID.
• The UID of the person you are reporting.
• A screenshot of the incident or action in question. Click here for instructions on how to take a screenshot.
• A link to the person's profile.

We take all reports of player misconduct seriously and investigate all reports of this nature that we receive. However, due to privacy considerations, we are unable to release the results of our investigations or share with you any actions taken or not taken with regards to your report.

Kind Regards,


Your FarmVille 2: Country Escape Team
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