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  • I found it and it was really obvious. Sorry for the hassle!
  • Had any luck with finding the Looney card on level 164?
  • How about Henrietta Chicken being chased by Foghorn-leghorn? Or the Dog chasing FL or the little Chicken Hawk? I'd love to see Pepe Le Pew chasing the Cat! I like the Michigan J Frog idea too or an appearance of Baby-Face Finster! LOL! How abou…
  • I deleted and reinstalled the app on both my iPhone and iPad and it hasn't corrected the issue. I'Be made the Zynga folks aware of it but no guidance as to how to fix it yet. I guess we wait for the next update and try not to hold our breath.
  • Okay so I logged into my Facebook on my daughters iPad and connected to the game - ran it and the Looney Card is exactly where I thought it should be. So I logged out and tried it again on my iPad and sure enough it's not there. This game is dinke…
  • Is it on the playhouse after you bust through the TNT and spring-board off the ladder? If that's where you found d it then my version is still not working properly. This is soooo frustrating. I can run this level blind-folded now and I know that …
  • Do you know where it was? I've torn that level appart so many times on my iPad and have never found it. Thanks.
  • Hi Sang A Kim, the only way to collect those items off the road is to use the vacuum power-up. There's likely a power-up hidden that you haven't found yet or maybe have to increase the run-time length of the powerup. You can redeem your coins to …
  • I already did and they aren't going to tell - they don't want to spoil the game play for people. I think they've screwed up and don't want to tell people anything. I had a couple other issues with the game and they game me vague answers that didn'…