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Looney Tunes Dash!: Episode Title Ideas

LooneyTunerIanLooneyTunerIan PumpkinPosts: 15Registered User Muffin

I have some interesting title ideas for Looney Tunes Dash!:

For Bugs Bunny Episodes:

Wabbit Wapids (The Lumberjack/Whitewater Theme)
Rabbit Rampage (Forest Theme)
Haunted Hare (Halloween/Transylvania-theme)
Hair-Raising Halloween (Halloween/Transylvania-theme)

For Daffy Duck Episodes:

Surely Templed Duck (Jungle/Temple Themed)
Daffy's Snow Business (Winter Themed)
Bah, Hum-Duck! (Winter/Xmas Themed)
Daffy's Temple Run Fun (Jungle/Temple Themed)

For Road Runner Episodes:

Road Runner A-Go-Go!
Road Runner Rally
Road Runner's Feat
Wile E. West
Road Runner's Crazy Canyons
Road Runner's Desert Dash
Road Runner's Desert Speedway
Wild About Wile E.
Road Runner's Crash Course
The Birds and The Beeps

For Tweety Pie Episodes:

Needy for Tweety
Tweety Pie Party
Puddy Tat Panic
Tweety Bird's Feat
Greedy for Tweety
Puddy Tat Avenue

For Speedy Gonzales Episodes:

Speedy's Fiesta Fiasco
Needy for Speedy
Speedy Con Carne
Speedy's Feat
Chili Wind
Going! Going! Gonzales!

For Taz Episodes:

Volcanic Romantic
Taz's Wife Strife
Taz's Wedding Woes
Tasmanian Wedding Retreat

I'll be sure to add more if any more titles should come to mind.


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