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Looney Bin

Dantrag BaenreDantrag Baenre Super ModeratorSuspended User Posts: 41 Grasshopper
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Hi Runners!

Want to see your favorite Looney Tunes character in costume? Then, check out the Looney Bin!

Along your run, you can pick up Looney Character Cards to unlock various costumes for each playable character. You can search levels and collect the cards by running through it to complete collections. Sometimes, cards will be easy to see and pick up, other times, they will be hidden inside a level so keep your eyes open to find them.


The Looney Bin can be access by tapping the Menu button at the bottom right hand corner of the progression map to see the cards that you have collected. Each collection consists of 9 cards featuring one Looney Character in a classic Looney scene and each zone has its own collection. You will have 9 different costumes, all from the most famous and memorable episodes of Looney Tunes. The reward for completion is displayed next to each Collection.


That's all folks!

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