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Scoring and Mastery

Dantrag BaenreDantrag Baenre Super ModeratorPosts: 41Suspended User Grasshopper
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Hi Runners!

Here are some tips on how you could Score higher and Mastery in the game!


You can earn points with all game actions involving smashing, sliding under or jumping over hazards or interacting with Cameo Characters. Points will be higher for interactions that are more difficult and interactions that are rare. You cannot earn points for dodging (swipe L/R) or using a special ability. Things that give coins don't give points. Slide into as many objects as you can, this will significantly increase how many Mastery Stars you get!


Each level will have Three Stars to show the Mastery. On each level, you will earn the First Mastery Star by completing the Level Objective (for example: "reach Home" or "collect 25 Carrots"). To earn the Second and Third Mastery Star, you will need to maximize how many points you earn during the level. At any time during a run, you can see how many Stars you have already earned during the run - however even if you passed 2 Stars but haven't achieved the Level Objective you will not earn any Star at the end of the Level.



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