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  • All New Look and Feel!

    Hit It Rich just turned four years old,
    and we decided to spice things up with an updated lobby and logo!
    There’s a BRAND-NEW look and feel to Hit It Rich! and we know you’re going to love it!
    Let us know what you think in the comments here and take the new lobby for a spin!

  • Daily Sweepstakes Winners

    Congratulations to our Daily Winners for the Cake Day Bash sweepstakes!
    Each of these players won BILLION COINS!
    Make sure to get your Big Wins in so that you could be chosen tomorrow!

    Day 1 Winners:

    Sandra W
    Burn M
    Lorie H
    Nadine C
    Gee Gee L
    Darlene S
    Joann M
    Aimee R
    Merrilee M
    Gail R
    Thomas S
    Medina B
    Connie F
    Cathy T
    Stephanie G
    Sophie L
    Susan B
    Freddy K
    Foxton M
    Debra L
    Merry M
    Susan S
    Paula S
    Stefanie W
    Heidi C

    Day 2 Winners:

    Wendy C
    Sandy O
    Dorothy F
    Kim C
    Howard T
    Patrick R
    Lianne A
    Margareta S
    Dallas B
    Jeanette L
    Roxana B
    Sandy J
    Thierry C
    Diana P
    Doug G
    Maxie S
    Thodoris G
    Rebecca C
    Kimberlee O
    Larry R
    Gilles G
    Rosemary C
    Rex B
    Eleanor M
    Ron B

    Day 3 Winners:

    Blakkur B.
    James N.
    Eric W.
    Roxanna Cristina M.
    Yampier C.
    Ed K.
    Percy W.
    Dawn G.
    Susan H.
    Zita Z.
    Rosetta L.
    Ruth R.
    Ben S.
    Brian J.
    Josie J.
    Denica E.
    Joann H.
    Francoise W.
    Mark R.
    Sherry D.
    Jeff R.
    Lynn M.
    Andrew W.
    Brandy A.
    Andreas M.

    Day 4 Winners:

    Victoria D
    Jessica C
    Madelline L
    Daphne M
    Sandi S
    Donna M
    Felita T
    Alain M
    Darlene F
    Laura F
    Nina L
    Rick L
    Neal M
    Sandra M
    Andy L
    Janice O
    Joe W
    Barbara H
    Cathi D
    Ren K
    Donna R
    Mark S
    Graham H
    Bubba M
    Cleme S

    Day 5 Winners:

    Antonio B
    Debbie M
    Laurie M
    Alice L
    Finn Serup J
    Ray C
    Margaret L
    Mark P
    Wendy C
    Denise M
    Mary D
    Katie N
    Susanne B
    Mth D
    Lee G
    Abi G
    Kutty L
    Jeanette W
    Mickel A
    William C
    Nick B
    Frank N
    Janet H
    Ann L
    Norman D

    Day 6 Winners:

    Cynthia R
    Sandy O
    Harry D
    Walteranddonna R
    Michael B
    Rick L
    Debbie M
    Allstar C
    Robert A
    Ben S
    Ray C
    Roy S
    Redzep D
    Carole K
    Joseph S
    Linda G
    Steve L
    Patti M
    Cindy B
    Bill L
    Norman F
    Marie S
    Pamela L
    Shirley P
    Chico D

    Day 7 Winners:

    Donna A
    Janet H
    Erna d
    William C
    Alice L
    Patrick R
    Gnther R
    Sherry R
    George C
    David G
    Chad B
    Ali B
    Denise M
    Mary J
    Wendy C
    Thrse B
    Jeanette W
    Susanne D
    Deborah G
    Stefan Fus A
    Dana L
    Noy I
    Sandy J

  • Re: daily bonuses

    Hi @Wonkie1! The feature "Watch to Earn" is being offered randomly by the server, so continue playing and you may get it on your next spins.

  • Community Goal for Princess Bride Slots 7/25/16

    If this post gets 175 "Likes" and 70 "shares" by tomorrow noon CDT,
    Bonus Coins will be shared with the community!

  • New Game - Extreme Dragon

    Can you handle the dragon?
    There's only one way to find out!
    Go for a spin on our newest game, Extreme Dragon!