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michaelanester Not a Title, but a Star

Well I never thought this day would come. After 3 years of loving this game, and playing it for hours every single day, I have no other choice but to say GOODBYE. The new owners, or management, or who ever is making all the decisions at Zynga now, has set there sites on our wallets, purses, and bank accounts in an all out no mercy attempt to steal our hard earned money. After all these years and all the countless hours and money that I have poured into this game, it is time that I realize that Zynga does not care about us their loyal players and customers, no, all they care about is to get our money, even if they have to ruin the game to do it, and that is exactly what they have done. RUINED THIS GAME. they have made such a huge attempt to cover their tracks in rigging the game against us, by coming out with this latest bigger bonus ploy. Well I have seen the results of this as I am sure all of you have to. That doubling our bonuses while at the same time tripling the minimums to play while also cutting payouts in half, if not more. And changing the odds of the game to benefit Zynga by at least 85% or more, in an attempt to force us all to buy more and more credits that they willingly and totally wipe clean from our accounts. And then just lie to us as we ask and beg for some sort of reason or ignore our comments and questions telling us that they appreciate our feedback. Well I for one have reached my limit, and those pour customer service agents who have no choice but to lie or loose their jobs, have been drowning in the anger and frustration of myself and so many other loyal players as we reach out to them trying to make sense of what has happened to our beloved game. No I cannot keep venting my pain and frustration over loosing something that for 3 years has become such an integrated and valued part of my whole life, as this game has become. It is time to move on with my life, and find other ways to relieve my stress my boredom my therapy as sometimes it has been. It is time to realize that loyal customers loyal players don’t mean anything. Years and years and thousands of hours and dollars invested and spent playing this game hold no value to the one in charge, only stealing and taking our money is the only thing Zynga cares about. I thought this day would never come, I thought I would play for years and years to come. But this last blatant and unfair and totally disrespectful attempt of Zynga to get my, our money, no matter the cost is just too much. And anything and everything that I can, or have said means nothing to them, they just care about their loyal players money not about the loyalty we the players have given in support of them for so many years now. It is with great loss and I cannot even try to guess about how much I am totally going to miss playing this game,but they have left me no choice but to just delete this game from my phone and from my life, and find some other reason and way to make up for it’s great loss.


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