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  • Couldn’t agree more with both of you. Even when you buy, nothing changes, and the rigged nature of the game becomes more apparent the longer you play. You’ll hit just enough of a winning streak to keep you interested, before being hit with a long lo…
  • I would have to agree. Hopefully players will leave in droves. Maybe they already are and that’s why you can barely win, and the charms are gone—they want to force the players who haven’t quit to buy coins, which will then be lost in 5 minutes.
  • While Zynga seeks new ways of shafting players, let’s all stop giving them money. Like a fool I spent some hard-earned cash trying to complete the seemingly endless challenges. Of course once you buy, your chances of winning grow even slimmer, and t…
  • Agreed. Without the bonus spins charms, you either have to collect every two hours for days to come back from a big (rigged) loss, or else do what Zynga so badly wants you to, which is to buy more coins. Just the latest in a series of bad practices.
  • Okay, that was fixed, but now there’s a problem with Phase 3–the Mad Men challenge there asks for 3 big wins. I’ve had at least 6, but nothing registered after the first two. Seem to be a lot of bugs with these challenges.
  • Very frustrated—my sentiments exactly. Hundreds of spins on today’s challenge, never landing free spins, just losing all my coins. It’s like they rig the game for this purpose—make you spin and spin for the challenges hoping you’ll lose all your coi…
    in Very Frustrated Comment by tjp June 2018
  • Yes, no bonus games in Good Witch of the North. I thought maybe they meant jackpots, but I won one and it didn’t count towards the challenge. Please fix, Hit it Rich folks.
  • (Quote) Agreed. This particular set of challenges is ridiculous and can only really be completed by people with billions of coins already at their disposal. And the “rewards” offered for wasting hundreds of millions of coins are a joke.
  • And again today. I actually got the “challenge ended” notification on my iPad, but today’s challenge only shows up on PC. At this point I’m no longer really expecting a fix or even an answer—truly stupendous customer service.
  • Same deal again today. Can I get an answer please?
  • It’s pretty obvious that the “max bet” button exists only for the purpose of tricking players into accidentally losing all their coins. This is obvious from the placement of the button, which is right around where the left thumb would rest while pla…
  • Update for 2/25 Challenge: we’re being asked in part 3 of today’s challenge to bet 1.4 billion coins on Dragon Lines for a reward of 80 million? It would be nice to have challenges that don’t require billions of coins to complete. Really frustrating…
  • Figured it out—I actually went from Challenger III to Master I. So it was a step up rather than down. Carry on my wayward son.
  • I know I said it probably makes little difference, but I’d still like to what know the issue with this. Thanks.
  • Could not agree more. Part 3 of today's challenge (9/4) is another case in point--all pretty reasonable, then--bam!--it's time to bet a ridiculous 285,000,000 on Steve Harvey when I'm down to 6,000,000. Thanks for nothing, HIR.
  • Once again, the daily challenge appears to contain a typo. Surely part 3 of today's challenge isn't really asking me to win 727,000,000 coins on Freaky Tiki, when Part 2 of the same challenge asked me to win only 15,000,000 on the same game? That's …
    in Challenge Comment by tjp August 2017
  • Once again--expected to bet 285,000,000 on Magnicent 7 for a reward of 20,000,000. Add in the fact that the game is rigged so that hundreds of spins yield little to nothing in terms of winnings and we're just getting screwed here. Again.
  • Looks like we're having the same problem again. Expected to win 285,000,000 coins in part 3 of today's (7/23) challenge for a reward of 18,000,000? This once again flies in the face of logic and suggests further attempts to bankrupt players into pur…
  • Funny, but ever since I posted this thread, I've had "bad luck", quickly going from 100,000,000 to nothing. Coincidence? Hmm. Done with this rigged game's constant efforts to force players to buy more and more coins.