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The difference between us

michaelanestermichaelanester Posts: 4Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star
So I am just going to conclude that the higher ups at Zynga do not care about what or how their loyal players feel about the changes they made. And customer service has been mandated to just keep pushing the ‘authentic casino experience’ along with ‘you may be unlucky today but one day soon you might be lucky’ cut and paste excuses. No one at Zynga will actually admit or discuss the fact that the reason so many of us are angry and frustrated, has nothing to do with our being lucky or not lucky, it has to do with the major changes to the game they made without one single word or warning or explanation to their loyal players. No all they could talk about is this great new bonus we were going to get and how we were going to love their new super spin function and how we all were going to get better payouts when we win. None of them had or has the guts to actually talk about the fact that at the same time they made it so much harder for any of us to actually win anything. I have complained and emailed and texted and called and posted just trying to get someone at Zynga to actually hear what Im trying to say, but all I get back from any of them is ‘it’s your luck Michael, just keep trying’. And the thing that angers me the most is it has nothing to do with any of our Lucks’. It has to do with the total lack of any form of honesty or concern, that it was Zynga that changed the rules in the middle of the game, without warning or notice, it has to do with the fact that it was Zynga who raised all the minimums for all the games making it nearly impossible for many of us to be able to play like we have been for literally years. It has to do with the fact that it was Zynga and still is Zynga that has total choice and control over what percentage of wins versus loses that their games payout. All these changes that have crashed people’s phones and computers just trying to load the game, all the new glitches and break downs and software problems and disappearing coins and unpaid bonuses and wins. None of these have anything to do with our, the loyal players luck at all. It has nothing to do with giving us an authentic casino experience. It has everything to do with the total lack of respect or loyalty or concern that Zynga has for all their loyal players and customers. No all they care about now is the room full of board members saying they want their stock to pay them more. All the frustration all the anger all the hurt and unfairness that we the loyal players who actually made their stocks worth anything in the first place, are just ignored and dismissed. These games for years have been such a part of our lives, many of us have played every single day for hundreds and hundreds of days. We have been excited to play, we have felt challenged, we have felt rewarded, we have come back day after day after day to see what new games there would be to play. We felt excited and even proud when we leveled up or finished the daily challenge. We acted as teammates to each other to find golden bricks and to battle to see which witch would win this time. We felt a part of something magical something more something exciting. We took pride in our positions and felt a connection to something bigger than we could find anywhere else. We simply loved playing our favorite game anytime we got the chance. But now Zynga has taken all that away, they have stolen it from us the loyal players. They have broken it, they have changed it, they have made it cheap and worthless. They have made it something that we now hate and we are discouraged and angry about it. No Zynga none of this has anything to do with an authentic casino experience. It has nothing to do with how much luck we may have. It has to do with how we the loyal players feel about this game. And how you the investment, stock board members see it as only a way to make your wallets bigger. That’s the difference that’s the reason and it really sucks that Zynga cannot see it.


  • zyngaplayerzyngaplayer Posts: 3Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star

    I understand your frustration, but I disagree with the statement that the workers at Zynga don't care. I'm a longtime loyal player. I've had many ups and downs playing wizard of oz slots; that's just the nature of the game. I, personally, feel the Zynga workers put an enormous amount of thought into their slots. The changes they made were not intended to make us fact it's quite the opposite. They're just trying to change things up and keep it fresh. The new changes allow me to actually play more because if I play away all of my credits (which I very regretfully did recently with a huge amount of was my own fault as I got too caught up in the game) I can save up the bigger bonuses and wheel spins for a day or so and play again. I had a very hard time doing that with the old bonuses. I love the new changes and the thought put into the game and the amazing graphics.

  • vixxen36vixxen36 Posts: 3Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star
    I agree. They wrecked a fun game
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