I won an iPad Pro in the Slot Ventures game during the holidays. Ask Me Anything.

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Title basically says it all. I was kind of holding my breath until it actually arrived, but it just came in yesterday, and it's awesome. It's a Gen 3 12.9" 64GB WiFi Version. No button, face ID, a bunch of stuff that I really didn't expect. I think I expected "last year's version" or something refurbished, but nope. Brand spanking new and absolutely beautiful.

If you get an email from Evette Love from the Zynga VIP team, reply to it. It's real. Like with most weird/unexpected emails, I thought this was a scam or a come on, but after doing some research (and locking down my credit) I replied and I'm glad that I did. Seeing that FedEx truck pull in yesterday made my fricking WEEK.

These Sweepstakes are REAL, and real people win real things. I'm just a guy that plays iPad games every now and then (really, I play in fits and spurts), and I'm pretty stoked that I played a little Hit it Rich over the holiday break.


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