Hit it RichGame won't let you log on

JMLJML Posts: 1Registered User, Facebook Connect User New to the Forums

Since Jan. Hit it Rich has continued to make it hard to log on once I reach 7 days. I have continually been starting over from day 1. The other games I play I am at 200 plus days and I play all four of them every day. Amazing how you can be playing over 200 days on three games but Hit won't let you get on until you miss a day then starts you over on day 1. This is very frustrating and aggravating.


  • Momof4kidsMomof4kids Posts: 646Registered User, Facebook Connect User Mazter Guardian

    That’s actually a great suggestion! If you plan on other games like wizard of oz and hit it rich, if you can’t log into one one because of a bug, it should count for all of them if you log into wizard of oz!

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