challenge points taken away after mistake over the weekend

reneesensareneesensa Posts: 1Registered User, Facebook Connect User New to the Forums

I completed a challenge over the weekend on the Wizard of Oz and received a great deal of points. By Monday, a huge percentages of my accumulated points were deleted along with a message that there had been a mistake by the game maker. This was very frustrating to me and also made me question whether I wanted to continue playing the game at all. I have frequently purchased things and will no longer be monetizing this game in any way. It would have been much more customer friendly had they made the announcement, told users to enjoy the bonus surplus and to be aware that if this "mistake" occurs again in the future, the points would be rescinded. At least a warning to prepare players for the possibility. I enjoy this game very much but I am disenchanted at the moment. Boo Hiss!!

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