Royal Rush- Regular play- and challenges

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Well once again Tried Royal Rush
It's a big joke
Used to be you only needed to be lucky enough to win millions on spins to win once in awhile.

Now I cannot compete at all . log in to play and it seems now you HAVE to win. BILLIONS to win. This for Roal Rush and the Weeky Race

It is so discouraging. I just am so sad that this happening. Soon ,it will be trillions

Even the challenges want you to spend billions to win or win billions

Do you not understand that Lots of people play for fun and absolutely cannot afford to spend all the time

Even all the regular games are so stingy with any wins

I'll quit griping . I'm going to find somewhere else to give my very small amount of money to who care about their players

Well I only get 3.25million n the hourly spins and when I play I can only afford small amounts to bet. And betting small gets you smaller payouts which I understand

The problem is why even play anymore. ALL THE FUN IS GONE
I keep letting more and more annoyed each week . I do not know how to fix the problem of billionaires always being top winners, I just want to play and imagine that maybe I'll get a big payout I m really seriously going to have to find a slot games where you can play and not Always having to play ONLY billionaires and trillionaires to have a chance

I have been a loyal everyday player buy my heart is sad because the little people who love to play but just cannot afford to buy and buy coins get left out.



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