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Your episodic games that become boring because of one factor that stinks!

WiltonHWiltonH Posts: 6Registered User, Facebook Connect User Loose Cannon

In playing the most recent episodic game it found that it was exciting, exilliirating and irritating! In most of the games played, it was fun and went well,
however in those where you have to collect the WILDS, it is not fair. Because first all the wilds that you receive are not counted, not only the ones that are used to create a win, but the ones that your do not collect anything from. Also, if you have multiple WINS in a game that you use, you are only credited for one. I have had as many as four in a game plus if you count the wins that are used, many of them are not credited to your completion of the game. This was the first time that I have played one of these episodic combinations, and I don't think that I will do it again as I usually finish a game with all but 50+ WILDS short and I have to play forever to finish the game

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