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Why do you require logging into FB for bonus coins?

slh329slh329 Posts: 1Registered User, Facebook Connect User New to the Forums

Believe it not, not everyone is on FB!! Don't feel it's fair to require logging in to FB to receive bonus coins, etc........


  • Momof4kidsMomof4kids Posts: 621Registered User, Facebook Connect User Mazter Guardian

    I’ve always thought that too, however if you play on a guest account which is NOT connected to Facebook, you run the risk of having your account reset to level one at any time. This has happened to me several times and if you read on you will see others too who have had this issue. This last update my guest account was wiped after five years of playing, it was all gone, friends trophies ect. It is very unfair as I don’t give a rats behind about social media, however you should protect yourself

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