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LOST my coins

mosey15280mosey15280 Posts: 1Registered User, Facebook Connect User New to the Forums

I’m trying this, as emailing zynga hadn’t helped. About a week ago I hit my icon for Hit it Rich as I usually would. First screen that popped up asked, “log in with Facebook”. I hit yes, though mind you I hadn’t been asked this before. Took me to the game & all I had was 10 million coins, when I last played I had 60 billion plus! Geez I have no idea what happened. I’ve tried several things. Uninstalled the game, re-installed, contacted zynga 5-6 times. Nothing has worked. One rep. Said he could see my account. Why can’t he give me the coins back when I supplied my zynga ID and PIN? Totally upset


  • Momof4kidsMomof4kids Posts: 624Registered User, Facebook Connect User Mazter Guardian

    You were playing what is considered a guest account which means you were not connected to Facebook. When you logged out though you should have returned to your guest account. If you did that and it wiped your account out that common. That can happen at any time! When they updated recently, it wiped my guest account out and I had it for five years with hundreds of friends and was diamond level. Now

  • Momof4kidsMomof4kids Posts: 624Registered User, Facebook Connect User Mazter Guardian

    Sorry...I am back to level 1 and am a diamond, go figure. What you should do is contact support and tell them you will connect to Facebook and even though you are at level 1 you can have them give you your coins back in this new account, that’s what I did! You are lucky you had all your Zynga numbers because a lot of people don’t and can’t prove that they even had an account! Good luck!

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