Free two hour coins

grandma50grandma50 Posts: 32Registered User, Facebook Connect User Forum Traveller

Everyime it lands on 330K
This is not random
I play every day and am about to just give up

No coins. No wins all. It seems like all you want is for people to spend money

I'm seriously considering finding another game. I want to play for fun and not always have to wait two hours to get such a small amount to play with.

Please make this game fun for all again

Only people able to get ahead are those with millions to spend.
There is just no way to win most of the special games and challenges because you have to have money to bet and get anywhere

And those special cards we collect is a joke. When I d win occasionally I play high and it makes no difference
Since inception of that I only have two of the twelve cards done. I have completed the first two multiple time but only have two of each on the other 10 sets

How on earth do you explain that when one plays every day and plays high and low and nothing new

Sorry but this is how I feel. Cannot recommend this game to anyone anymore and I use to tell people,how much I liked playing it


  • Momof4kidsMomof4kids Posts: 646Registered User, Facebook Connect User Mazter Guardian

    I agree it’s a joke! I don’t even collect my bonuses anymore? What’s the point? You can’t get anywhere with them! I’m trying to find friends on the forum they give you but when i click to get their stats soooooo many people haven’t played in days or weeks, so a lot of people are not collecting their bonuses because they have given up! I really want to know why they don’t make it easier to win more and collect more, it’s free for them! It seems like a no brainer to me. If I want to play, I buy a few coins, play and leave until the next time. I could care less about the wheel and it’s bonuses, it’s actually an insult to loyal spinners

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