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“Something went wrong!”“Something went wrong!”“Something went wrong!”“Something went wrong!” is all I get when trying to submit any issue to support.

Game locks up during free spins, Bonus games, and Lock-&-Win plays. It doesn't matter on bid level, but seems to happen more with higher bids. Doesn't matter on which location or day. It's solely server side issue that needs to be fixed. My iMac is up to date and all trouble shooting methods were tried prior to submitting ticket. IT IS NOT A END USER ISSUE! Also I have tried to submit ticket about issue several times over the past weeks and kept getting server error messages. Or did Zynga do away with support for Wizard of OZ Slots? Images will be provided for many many frozen events and server error messages once the support system accepts tickets for issues. Until then who and were do we submit or call for game issues? Please provide valid support options.


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    Every day I try to submit to support and still only getting "Something went wrong". No phone number for support nor online chat options as backup methods leaves players with no support at all for issues. If they are wondering why I no longer buy coin packs or scratchers (not even a $1.99 purchase) it is due to lack of proper support and resolution of simple game issues. I see in the team board where purchases are being made constantly by players. There should be no reason for game issues as long as there are players dumb enough to keep buying coin or scratcher packs. Zynga is only lining their pockets.

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    Apologies for the experience, @clluttrell. The team has been made aware of the constant game freezing while spinning and they're currently working on it. They've also been notified about the error you're getting when contacting Support. In the meantime, you may reach out to them by filling out this form.

    Thanks for your continued patience and cooperation.

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