Bonus wheel

Momof4kidsMomof4kids Posts: 646Registered User, Facebook Connect User Mazter Guardian

Can you please increase the amounts on the bonus wheel? It doesn’t cost you anything,so why can’t you be more generous? I guarantee people would spin more!


  • GailsspinGailsspin Posts: 1Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star

    My wheel has many lower values than my friends we all play and have had our laptops in the same room on the same internet my friends bonus wheel has higher values than mine. We use to have the same I also still have the DR they only have the weekly race not sure what is happening but they get 6 to 8 million each spin consecutively and I am getting only 2 to 3 million most of the time my slices values are less and my VIP bonus is less and my streak bonus on the wheel is less as well we play everyday and have played the same amount of days our levels are similar both over 500

  • ArcanaArcana Posts: 265Super Moderator Moderator

    Appreciate your feedback, @Momof4kids and @Gailsspin. While the "Bonus Wheel" feature randomly grants Coins, feel free to send us your thoughts through this form so that they can be raised during discussion/s. 🤗 Thanks.

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