Weekly Race Earnings NOT Received??

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I've been playing for a while on the Hit it rich platform and been competing in the weekly races for a few weeks. At the end of each week the race usually ends around 8 pm Central time (for me) and then it states under the weekly race tab that it takes about 12-15 minutes for the places/prizes to be tallied before the announcement of any winnings are handed out. Tonight, after the race ended I was in 8th place right at 8 pm, I clicked on the weekly race tab, it said I needed to wait for 15 minutes for the places to be announced, so i logged out and came back an hour later and nothing?? I didn't get a pop up saying what I won, and when i click on the weekly race tab it still shows that I'm a Professional II which I should now be a Professional III along with any coins I won to be given to me. It's now 10:50 pm Central Time (almost 3 hours after the race has ended) and still nothing, not even an update to what place everyone was in. Can i please receive the rewards I am entitled to! Thanks!


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