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Very Disappointed in Hit It Rich game

grandma50grandma50 Posts: 15Registered User, Facebook Connect User Muffin

I'm a loyal player but these past two weeks or so have been brutal

Weekly Race. Better chance with the Daily Race
Bonus Wheel - chances of winning enough to play a little are gone

Rich Collection- Same cards over and over. Only completed two of the twelve. Since start of game and I play every day . I do not believe you want anyone to actually complete 12 sets

Wheels on games keep jumping. You get a winnng spin ,and then, bam the wheel jumps down to a no win line

Coins -No matter if I buy or don't buy -no wins ( when I buy it's worse)
I bet the smallest. No win
bump it up a little and no wins
And in very few spins all gone - have to wait Two hours (one would be better)

I used to absolutely love this game. Now I'm giving up . Used to be able to win enough to keep playing another ten minutes
I am totally convinced That Hit it Rich is ALL about those who can afford to keep spending

Zynga used to care about thier players . Now it's all about changes to Everything in the game and nothing about the players
Please read people's comments and take their feedback seriously
I could understand if this was real money but it's not So please . Loosen those spins and wins so people are enjoying this game again.

I Think a real casino would be more fun at this point

Hope things get better but too many changes. We want to enjoy game
I do not give two hoots about all your special games. You run out of coins too quickly to continue and that's at lowest bid.
You need to spend too much to get the small amount for the challenges


  • Momof4kidsMomof4kids Posts: 90Registered User, Facebook Connect User Chocolatier

    I absolutely agree! I actually have a few hundred dollars to play with this month and i will not be buying coins!! What’s the point?! The leader in my race has almost a trillion dollars and my biggest win is only two billion! This game has become a race between the have and the have nots and i no longer wish to be apart of it! I had over three billion coins this week and i only received one bonus that wasn’t a big win. Why would i spend money on a fake game that is so **** cheap and doesn’t care at all about their long term players! I actually hate this game and am so sad because i have spend thousands of dollars on this game to be made a fool of! This is stupid and a true waste of time! Please read all the recent reviews on the app, ninety percent talk about how horrible this game is! They do not care! Why spend money on a company like that?

  • Toya77Toya77 Posts: 1Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star
    I tried contacting them about how the game was cheating me in my bonus, the coins was not being added. No luck. And I wanna know why it's so hard this time to collect cards? This new Freaky Tiki 3 game sucks, never won a bonus.
  • IcedanceusIcedanceus Posts: 10Registered User, Facebook Connect User Pumpkin

    I agree also, this **** with you got play on the web to play classic games, and yes these weekly bonuses and daily are for **** looking for something better, obviously they didn’t listen to us

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