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Weekly Race is gone

misstifydmisstifyd Posts: 6Registered User, Facebook Connect User Loose Cannon
I can't find the weekly Race anywhere and only saw it the first week. I saw there were others it happened to also. Can you pin the races together or somehow let everyone see it?
I also have a complaint that I have been seeing happen in games like competitive ones as the races and hmm like for the Wizard the same trouble with yellow brick road. I will contact them also.
People win the race with the highest coins and nobody can compete with them then they go and make a new account and and win again.
I love the prizes you have for the weekly race but there should be a way for the greedy people to be stopped.
I suggest a limit on 2 times a person can win and no new accounts can play. They have to be a 3 month member would help.
If you use BOTH of the rules then others can have a chance.
Use that rule for all the separate competitive games.
Thank you kindly for your time!

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