This new version sucks!!! I used to win a lot more often and more money when I hit it big.

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The payouts are so low. When I hit it big, most times the payout is bigger when I am just winning the normal spins. I used to hit often and the FREE SPINS paid out!! Now the free spins barely amount to anything. I check in every 2 hours to get money and save it up until I get a small stash, then it is gone in minutes because there are so few hits!! I am looking for another game where the odds are better and a lot more fun to play!!!!
Go back to the way it was a few months ago please~~~~


  • grandma50grandma50 Posts: 32Registered User, Facebook Connect User Forum Traveller

    I agree. Payouts too low to continue playing for more than five minutes unless you buy
    Zyna was fun. Not so much now. Will also be looking elsewhere

    What happened to the game I used to love.
    Payouts too small
    Home for holidays not going ahead
    Rich collection a joke ( ne very get anything bit same ones on first collection and Ricky)

    PLease listen. And find a way for people to contact you on IOS because I get nowhere trying to get answers

    I'm just really annoyed at all this inconsistency

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