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SystemSystem Posts: 313Registered User Administrator
This discussion was created from comments split from: loss of bonus credits.


  • ConnieM123zzConnieM123zz Posts: 14Registered User, Facebook Connect User Muffin

    I gained up to 2.4 billion and the game suddenly reset and all my coins disappeared why????? Please give me my coins back

  • ArcanaArcana Posts: 252Super Moderator Moderator

    Apologies for the inconvenience, @Colbymimi. To retrieve your lost progress, simply reconnect your game to the Facebook account (iOS|Android) that you have previously used. You can also try to force close the app (iOS|Android); then, restart your device. In case it remains the same, please contact our Support Team for further assistance. While doing so, remember to provide them with the information listed below to have your account checked. Thank you.

    Zynga/Device ID
    ➧ Correct level
    ➧ What exactly happened before losing your progress?
    ➧ Did you reinstall the app, update the game version/the OS of the device, or change devices?
    ➧ Are you FB/Google connected while playing beforehand?
    ➧ Did it crash/freeze prior to your level being reset?
    ➧ Any error before it happened?
    ➧ Relevant screenshot/s if you got any.

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