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Lost levels when deleting then restoring app.

sherribsherrib Posts: 4Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star

As the "support" suggested, I deleted then reapplied wiz app, was connected to fb. When I went to play again, my credits were there but was knocked down from level 153something to level 24! How did this happen? Now I will lose my daily calendar credits and my hourly coins are a LOT less😩


  • ArcanaArcana Posts: 252Super Moderator Moderator

    We appreciate knowing the steps that you took and apologize for the inconvenience, @sherrib. Rest assured our Support Team is eager to help you in resolving this. We recommend keeping in touch with them to have your level restored. While doing so, please provide them with the information listed below. Thank you.

    ➧ Zynga ID and Device ID (Please refer to the instructions in the Notes)
    ➧ Correct Level
    ➧ Did you reinstall the app, update the game version or the OS of the device, or change devices?
    ➧ Are you Facebook/Google connected while playing before it happened?
    ➧ Did it crash/freeze beforehand?
    ➧ Any error encountered prior to the incident?
    ➧ Relevant screenshots, if you have any.

    Notes: How to obtain your Zynga ID and Device ID?

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