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Why can't I collect Gifts?

ArcanaArcana Posts: 252Super Moderator Moderator

A WoZ Slot player is allowed to collect specifc number of gifts every 24-hour period (Daily Limit), based on his/her VIP tier.

This information is available in-game, go to 'VIP WORLD', 'VIP Status', 'BENEFITS'. For added context, please consider these sample scenarios:

Sample Scenario 1:
A Sapphire player collected 5 gifts at 6 AM yesterday, and 10 more gifts at 12 noon yesterday. Based on the table above, this Sapphire player has 15 Gifts as Daily Limit.

If this Sapphire player attempts to collect gifts at 6 AM today, only 5 of the available gifts can be collected. This same player will have to wait at least for 12 noon today to collect 10 more of the available gifts, any attempt at collection before 12 noon might trigger the maxxed-out message.

Sample Scenario 2:
An Emerald player collected 20 gifts at 9 AM yesterday. This Emerald player's Daily Limit is 20 Gifts, based on the table above.

This same player should be able to collect all 20 gifts starting at 9 AM today.

Additional Info:

  • Gifts collected from Club mates, via the Club page, are not counted against the Daily Limit.
  • During Yellow Brick Road (YBR) events, all gifts collected from YBR team mates are counted against a player's Daily Limit. On your end, you may be noticed that some of the gifts came from your FB friends and from Guest***. The Guest*** are most probably gifts from your YBR team mates.
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