Missing Credits on new device

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    I have over 16,000,000,000 on Wizard of Oz slots. I think it's unfair that I will have to basically start over, moneywise, because I have a tablet that has gone kaput. If everything else stays when connected to FB then $$$ should, as well.

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    Appreciate your sentiments, @klmsgm. Credits differ between our web and mobile platforms by game design. This way, you can collect your Hourly Bonus Coins and receive Gifts on both devices for longer gameplay and more opportunities to earn XP. Nonetheless, we suggest performing any of our troubleshooting steps (Android|iOS|Kindle|Web) to ensure that the game has been synced correctly.

    If you need further assistance, please contact our Support team with the following information to have your account checked:

    Zynga ID and Device ID
    ➧ The estimated amount of Credits that went missing
    ➧ Did you reinstall the app, update the game's version or the OS of the device, or change devices?
    ➧ Were you connected to Facebook/Google while playing before it happened?
    ➧ Did it crash/freeze beforehand?
    ➧ Any error encountered prior to the incident?
    ➧ Relevant screenshots, if you got any.

    Thank you.

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