Bonus Games

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In the past few weeks or I should say, the past few months, I have been playing my favorite games and NOT getting any bonus games. This includes Extreme Dragon and Freaki Tiki. At one time I had over 4 B coins and varied my bets from 1M, 2 1/2 M, and 5 1/2M and never got a bonus game. Quite frankly I am a little tired of shelling out cash for coins that melt away like spring snow because there is no compensating with bonus games, At one point this past week I lost over 400 M coins without a bonus round, Tonight I went through another 400 M and got nothing as well. It's nice to offer 60M coins for $15. However, when they are gone in 10 minutes because no bonus shows up to supplant your meager stash, some of us happen to be on a budget and cannot afford to have fun at cost continually. I am sorry but the fun has run out on me and I can no longer afford the cost of having so called fun. I won't play anymore but thanks anyway.

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