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Special Event: Cake Day Bash!

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It’s Day 1 of our Cake Day Bash game battle!
Our first match-up is between Mustang Money and Ted,
who will you choose?
Get a Big Win in one of the games to cast your vote! But that’s not all!
EVERY DAY, 25 voters will win 1 BILLION COINS!!
AND if you vote ALL 7 DAYS,
you will be entered in a drawing to be 1 of 50 to win the MEGA BIRTHDAY JACKPOT!
So cast your vote now!

You voted and we listened, Mustang Money was your Day 1 Winner!
Who will you vote for today?
Splendor of Rome or Extreme Dragon?
Remember, 25 voters will win 1 BILLION COINS each day!
All you have to do is spin and win!

Make sure to vote all 7 days for a chance at that 10 BILLION COINS MEGA BIRTHDAY JACKPOT!

Splendor of Rome came out victorious in our Day 2 match-up!
But how will Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, fair against Giant Jackpot?
There’s only one way to find out,
cast your votes by getting a Big Win in your favorite game
AND it will enter you for a chance to be 1 of 25 DAILY winners of 1 BILLION COINS!

The Good Witch of the North left no question about who was the best!
Today, 2 new games will go head-to-head to see who will leave the other in the dust.
Will it be Alice adn the Mad Wins or Freaki Tiki?
Only YOU can decide!
Get those Big Wins in to cast your vote for your favorite AND potentially win 1 BILLION COINS!
Start voting!

Alice and the Mad Wins ran away with the lead!
Now we’re down to the FINAL FOUR!
In our first semi-final match-up, we’ve got Mustang Money vs. Splendor of Rome!
The winner will head to the Final round, so who will it be?
Get your Big Wins in to cast your vote now!

Mustang Money remains triumphant with another victory!
In our last semi-final battle, we’ve got Good Witch of the North vs. Alice and the Mad Wins!
Can the Good Witch out magic Alice?
You tell us!
Cast your vote by getting in those Big Wins on your favorite,
AND for your chance to win 1 BILLION COINS!

It’s FINALS day and we should have known it would come to this,
Glinda the Good Witch of the North vs. Mustang Money!!
Only one can be the ultimate winner, which will it be?
Vote with a Big Win in your favorite game and to be entered into the Daily Sweepstakes for 1 BILLION COINS!
If you’ve been voting ALL 7 DAYS,
you’ll have the chance to win the MEGA BIRTHDAY JACKPOT!
Vote now!

Mustang Money has taken the win and is clearly a fan favorite!
Thanks for voting!!
If you voted ALL 7 DAYS,
you may be one of our 50 MEGA BIRTHDAY JACKPOT WINNERS!
Stay tuned to the fan page for a list of winners!

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