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Bonus rarely comes up for the amount of spins you have to do.

MermaidsruleMermaidsrule Posts: 1Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star

I stayed away from your site for many months because I was getting sick and tired of losing my points so quickly, with not much in return. I started going to your site again, and I've spent some money on coins, because the points you give after 2 hours lasts maybe if your lucky 10 minutes. You have quite a racket going on here. I will no longer give you any more of my money to play your games. The bonus rarely come up, and your points go away so quickly, it takes all the fun out of playing. I'm going to use my money at the real casino's from now on. I'm so sick of you taking advantage of all your players. You can never get into the high paying points without giving up an arm and a leg, with not much in return. I'm done with this site, and will only play whats given to me every 2 hours. No longer with I pay for any point values. This is a complete RIP OFF!!!!!! I'm so done with your site. It's highway robbery!!!!!!

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