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What are Clubs?

ArcanaArcana Posts: 265Super Moderator Moderator

Clubs is a new social feature that will connect you to a Club of other players. You and your Clubmates will work together every week to unlock bigger and bigger rewards. You will also get rewards when your Clubmates win big.

How do I access Clubs?

You can access the Clubs feature by tapping the Club icon (Red ‘C’) in the Bottom Bar.

Who can join a Club?

All players above Level 20 can join a Club.

Can I invite my friends to join my Club?

Yes. You can invite your Facebook friends to join your Club from the Clubmates tab in the main Clubs screen.

When can I collect rewards from my Club Wall?

Each time your Clubmates win big, you will be able to collect a portion of that win as a Club benefit!

Qualifying wins include:

  • Epic Win
  • Mystery Gifts
  • Bonus Wheel
  • Jackpot
  • Multi Jackpot

Are there any limits to the rewards?

The Club Wall page can hold up to 30 uncollected rewards in total. Make sure to check out Club Wall every day so that you don’t miss any rewards from your Clubmates.

How many club wall rewards can I contribute?

Each member can contribute up to 15 club wall rewards every day. Take advantage of the limit and contribute as many club rewards as you can every day.

What is the Weekly Prize?

All Clubmates are working together toward a higher Weekly Prize awarded each week. The Weekly Prize is reset every Monday morning. Every 10 million credits you win will earn you one Club Point. The more Club Points that the Club earns collectively, the bigger the reward

When can I collect the Weekly Prize?

At the end of the week, the final Weekly Prize reward will be distributed to all Clubmates. Your rewards will be based on your contribution percentage. The more you contribute, the higher your share of the pool!

Can I send gifts to my Clubmates?

Yes. You can send gifts to Clubmates tab every day. Make sure to send your Clubmates gifts and they will send gifts back to you!

Do Club Gifts count toward my daily gift limit?

No. Club Gifts are separate from normal gifts and do not count toward your gift limit. Take advantage of Club gifts and gift each other more!

Can I leave my current Club?

Yes. You can leave your current Club by clicking the ‘Leave Club’ button in the Clubmates tab.

How can I join a new Club?

After you leave a Club, you can click on the Join a Club button in your Daily Bonus dialog to find a new Club. You can also ask your Facebook friends to invite you to their Club.

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