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Rich! Collections

chrystalynchrystalyn Super ModeratorPosts: 3,630Super Moderator Moderator

What is Rich! Collections?
Rich! Collections are new collectible card items that will be available to your game for a limited time. Find all card items to complete the collection and win HUGE rewards and trophies.

How can I collect Cards?
You can collect cards through:

  • Spinning in ANY slot machine, even from the rooms that are not related to the movie reels theme.
  • Leveling up at levels ending in 0.
  • Special events (coin bundles).
  • Extras bonus feature where you can convert stars from duplicate cards to amazing coin rewards and cards.
    As a hint, the higher your bets are, the higher the chances to collect more and rarer cards.

What are the rewards?
* Completing each of the 12 sets will get you an amazing reward.
* Completing the entire collection, you get the grand GRAND prize.
* Filling up the extras bonus meter, you get a Coin Rewards and a card pack.
* Trophy - Each time you complete a collection in the same season you unlock a trophy that contains also a coin reward.
* You can collect up to 3 trophies (each of them has a higher Coin Reward).

Can I complete a collection multiple times?
Yes, each time you complete a collection in the same season, the rewards become bigger.

How can I access the collection?

What is Cards Rarity?
Stars indicate a card's rarity.

As a hint, the higher you bet, the higher the chances to collect rarer cards!

What is the Extras Bonus?
* If you have already found a card, this will be a duplicate card. Duplicate cards are valuable too. All the stars from your duplicate cards will be saved to your Extras Bonus.
* Your Extras Bonus is where you can convert your spare stars into a Coin Reward and another card pack.
* Each time you fill up the meter, you will get an AMAZING Coin Prize and a card pack.

Can I trade cards?
No, you cannot trade the cards with friends .

How will I know if I received a new card or a duplicate one?

Duplicate cards will just show as a regular card, with no labels, when you receive them.

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