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DNR Payout

SystemSystem Posts: 299Registered User Administrator
This discussion was created from comments split from: Add Me Thread - July 2018.


  • abulzouzabulzouz Posts: 20Registered User, Facebook Connect User Delightful Duckling
    I have been trying to find out for two months what happened to my 12 daily races wins that were taken away from my profile in games section, I have won 7 daily races in 9 days in May 2018, during the time i was winning, two wins were taken away and one win every other day was taken away to leave me with one win before the month of May was over, 12 WINS in all have disappeared within 3 weeks and no one can explain to me why or give any answer, how in **** could that happen and your customers SERVICES reps could not tell me or would not tell me what went wrong, i check on about 30 players profiles who are online every single day, i see the many wins they have from 1 to 15 wins each and i documented well over 150 players averaging 7 wins each to my lonely win, one rep said they only COUNT the last 30 days wins and failed to answer back after i sent her about 1000 wins on record for only 150 players at that time, COULD YOU OR ANYONE PLAYER EXPLAIN THE SITUATION AND TO INFORM ME IF THEY'VE GONE THROUGH SOMETHING LIKE THIS TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED WHEN THEY CONTACTED HIT IT RICH ABOUT THEIR ISSUES, AFTER 45 EMAILS REQUESTING THE SAME ANSWER TO MY ISSUE OR SINCE MID MAY WHEN I WON ONE AND FOUND OUT THEY TOOK TWO AWAY FROM ME, PLEASE RESPOND IF YOU HAVE AN ANSWER FOR ME OR AN IDEA THAT WOULD WORK, AND BY THE WAY, AFTER MY 3RD EMAIL ONE SUPERVISOR RESPONDED BY SHOWING ME THE DATES I WON THE 7 DAILY RACES IN MAY, AND NEVER TOLD ME WHY MY WINS WERE DISAPPEARING ONE EVERY OTHER DAY, IT WAS SO ODD TO NOTICE MY WINS GO DOWN INSTEAD OF ADDED UP, 12 FROM 13 WINS DISAPPEAR AND I GET NO ANSWER OR EXPLANATION TO ((( WHY AFTER WHY OVER AND OVER AGAIN THAT HAPPENED))), EXCEPT A SCAM ALONG WITH WELL OVER 100 BILLION COINS I WON BUT WERE TAKEN AWAY THE SAME WAY AND I NEVER ONCE RECEIVED ANY EXPLANATION OR REASON.
  • abulzouzabulzouz Posts: 20Registered User, Facebook Connect User Delightful Duckling
    Is anyone going to answer my specific question about the loss of 12 daily races wins from my profile within 3 weeks, I was SCAMMED by taking one win every other day with no reason or explanation, someone knows why I was TARGETTED and they're too COWARD to admit to the wrong doings FEARING to be CANNED by HIT IT RICH, WHAT HAPPENED TO DIGNITY AND PRIDE AND STANDING WITH THEIR HEAD SO HIGH.
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