How do i delete/remove unwanted charms?

KennethPetersenKennethPetersen Posts: 2Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star

I am getting reallly tired of loosing wanted charms due to the fill-up of "****-charms". So funny enough, i loose XP-charms to make room for all sorts of "****". I win the XP-charms, but since there's no room for them, they just disappere into thin air.
Give me a way to delete/discard this SH.... or remove the charms totally from the game, 'cause this REALLY sucks!!!! :(
Oh, and the bug, that demands a restart of the game to be able to use a new charm AFTER a used charm has run out, is more or less ½ a year old an not attended to in any way yet. Are your development team really that incompetent, or are they just lazy as h....??!! :(


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