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What is the Purchase Multiplier?

ArcanaArcana Posts: 265Super Moderator Moderator

This is a new feature in the game where players will receive the option to purchase a Bonus wheel multiplier, which will be randomly selecting from different multiplier options. The Purchase Multiplier will only activate after you conclude your 1st purchase of a regular Credits package.

Upon the conclusion of your original purchase, you will be prompted with the option of making an additional purchase of the same amount as the original purchase – this time with the Purchase Multiplier. When getting the pop-up message for the Purchase Multiplier, you should either immediately accept the offer or forego it until the next time you make another purchase.

These are the Coin packages with the Bonus wheel symbol that are eligible for the Purchase Multiplier.

Once done with your 1st purchase, it will prompt you to make another purchase.

After your 2nd purchase, the Bonus wheel multiplier will be randomly selecting from different multiplier options.

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