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The Yellow Brick Road

ArcanaArcana Posts: 265Super Moderator Moderator

What is Follow the Yellow Brick Road?

This is a new event which focuses on collaboration and team competition. During the event, players will be randomly assigned to different teams.

Each team will be tasked to collecting bricks and building yellow brick roads. Each road will earn the team a giant reward upon completion and will level up the team to a more difficult road with a larger reward.

How do I collect Yellow Bricks?

Yellow Bricks are earned by spinning and betting (higher bets are more likely to get a brick). Collecting Yellow Bricks will also allow you to get bonus Credits.

How are the rewards shared?

Each member of your team will get a share of the team prize pool for completing a road according to your contribution. More Yellow Bricks = Bigger share!

How many roads are available per event?

Roads will continue infinitely until the event ends. Collecting more bricks before the event ends gives you a bigger Credit bonus at the end of the event!

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