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Tournament Feature

ArcanaArcana Posts: 265Super Moderator Moderator

What is Tournament?

Tournament is a global leaderboard contest in which players compete to earn winnings to place on a leaderboard. Players win rewards based on their final ranking.

Where can I find the Tournament feature?

You can enter any room or machine and a bar indicator will be on the left side of the screen which will indicate your rank, rules and history.

How do I win in the Tournaments?

Players will earn a score based on how many credits they win in any machine:

  • The more you bet, the more you win, the higher your rank.
  • 1 point is given for every 1,000 credits won.

What will I win in the Tournament?

The top 15% of players will share the Prize Pool.

How do you compute the Prize Pool?

Prize pool will increase based on the bets of the players.

Where can I get my points?

Does my score sync in different devices?

No, it will not sync between devices.

On a positive note, you get to enjoy different progress and can win rewards on the Tournaments on both devices you play.

Will this feature be available all the time?

No, this will be turned off during the Choose Your Side event.

How do I check my rank in the Tournament?

To check your rank in the Tournament, there is a bar indicator when you enter a room on the left side of the game screen.

While spinning, your exact rank in the Tournament will be shown either at Gold bar or Silver bar (red arrow).

Gold bar means that you are at the Top 15% of the Tournament that will have a share in the prize pool.

At the top of the bar indicator (red box), there will be more details about your status in the Tournament.

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