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Choose Your Side FAQ

ArcanaArcana Posts: 265Super Moderator Moderator

What is Choose Your Side?
This is a team based challenge event where players choose a team and compete for points and bragging rights.

How do I choose a team?
Players decide which team they will choose! Select between Team Wicked Witch or Team Glinda.

Can I change my team?
No, you cannot change teams once you have already picked a team.

How do I earn points?
Collect symbols on the reels to earn points for your team.

What does it look like in my lobby if I choose a team?
Bottom bar has a "green smoke" if you are Team Wicked Witch or "pink bubbles" if you are Team Glinda.

What symbols do I look for in the reels?
Symbols with green and pink.

How do I check the score between teams?
You can monitor the score in real time with your sidebar scoreboard!

Can I invite Facebook friends to join my team?
Yes, invite Facebook friends to play Choose Your Side with you and beat the other team!

What rewards do I receive when I reach the Milestones?
You can receive the following rewards: Credits, XP, Bonus Wheels, Mystery Gifts, Scratchers, Sneak Previews and Events!

How can I provide feedback?
We would like to get your feedback about this feature, please fill out this Form.

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