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why is it that every time the triple charms are played, my charms don't fill up and nothing moves?

nancycharleynancycharley Posts: 19Registered User, Facebook Connect User Muffin

Nothing is moving for me. Nothing filling up in the charms box and am not moving forward up top to the next level


  • chrystalynchrystalyn Super Moderator Posts: 3,534Super Moderator Moderator

    @nancycharley, are you pertaining to Triple XP Charm? If so, this will give you Triple Experience Points (XP) within an hour once activated. The Meter is affected by bet amount and frequency of turning reels, and the difficulty to get one will increase everytime you earn from it. If the Charms were not working as intended, you may contact our Support team and provide these details for further assistance:

    • specific Charms that are not working
    • What happened when the Charm was activated?
    • Any error (screenshot)
    • How many Charms were lost?

    On the other hand, when you're already at high levels, it takes a lot of spins to advance in the game.

  • UKAmyUKAmy Posts: 1Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star

    I have had this problem several times in the past. I play and bet and I do not receive charms nor progress in levels. This has been going on for several weeks. I gave been playing in challenges, betting more than usual. Playing daily and my charms are not increasing nor my progress meter. In the past, I have contacted you and it eventually was fixed. Please help

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