Lucky Cards!

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Welcome to Lucky Cards!

What are Lucky Cards?
Lucky Cards are a new collectible, available for a limited time. Collect Lucky Cards to win HUGE rewards by simply playing the game!

How do I get Cards?

Spin on Any Machine
Cards will appear randomly as you spin. You can receive any card on any spin in any Machine. (Your chances of getting a Tinman card are not higher in a Tinman-themed Machine - they are equal in any Machine.)

When you bet higher, you not only get a chance for MORE CARDS, you will also have a higher chance to receive rare four-star and five-star cards!

Card Rarity
Each card has a rarity value displayed at the top. The more stars a card has, the more rare it is. Cards with fewer stars are easier to find while cards with more stars are more difficult.

One star cards are more common and easier to find.

Five star cards are rare and more difficult to find.

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