Ultra Bonus Charm did not pay today on Freaki Tiki

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Today's daily prize was up to 3,500,000 so I used a Ultra Bonus charm and played for over 1 hour and 20 minutes and it didn't pay off. It should have paid the daily bonus every 15 minutes.

I did this sometime around 2 to 5 pm and it is now after 1 am and it has not added the 14,000,000+ coins to my total.



  • chrystalynchrystalyn Super Moderator Posts: 3,640Super Moderator Moderator

    Hi @GregM! Charms not working as intended has been reported to the team. For further assistance, please contact Support and provide these details:

    • specific Charms that are not working
    • screenshot when it's activated and not working
  • GregMGregM Posts: 28Registered User, Facebook Connect User Clueless Cookie

    how are we supposed to know when something is not going to work to take a screenshot? Do we need to take a screenshot of every charm we activate and every roll in case it doesn't pay accurately? Let's get real, do you really think people take a screenshot to send in when there is a problem?

  • GregMGregM Posts: 28Registered User, Facebook Connect User Clueless Cookie

    alright, they remove posts they don't like. Let me repost this time and copy it so I can post it again and again and again every time they remove it.

    The other night I used the Ultra Charm again and did as they requested and left the game and went back out to the main page every 15 minutes to collect the bonus. The daily bonus on this day was over 7,000,000 and I should have gotten 28,000,000 and it paid 1,500,000. I sent in screenshots to show them and they have done the same thing, they have ignored the problem.

    I have sent in several emails to Zynga support and they are just blowing me off and have dug a hole almost to China because they are not addressing the problems. They said the players have to leave the game every 15 minutes to collect the daily bonus when using the Ultra Bonus Charm. I asked them where it told us to do that and they have yet to answer that question. I have asked them that question 3 times now and they just ignore the question and give me some stupid off the wall answer that doesn't even come close to addressing the problem.

    All I have asked is that they give me the coins that I have been cheated out of and they ignore the problem and now the forum moderators are deleting my posts on this problem...

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    Same thing happened to my ultra charm. But it said it was reloading and when it came back up the charm was gone and the counter was still at 2hr. This happened 2x in two days.
    And on a side note why the **** do you people make it so freeking hard to contact you and send in a report??. As it is i dont think im putting this i the right place .
  • GregMGregM Posts: 28Registered User, Facebook Connect User Clueless Cookie

    This is what gets me, I reported this 26 days ago and Zynga just ignores the problem and has quit emailing me about the problem. It is like they don't care about the people that use their games. They get the new people that start playing the games and get them to pay money as they think it is a good game and works properly. Then the people have problems with the games and Zynga ignores them as they know there will be new "mushrooms" (mushrooms are people that are kept in the dark and fed bull ****) that will join and pay more money to them. They are only worried about money and not fixing their games to work properly. It is like a scam that you move on to new people once the older people have figured out nothing is going to be done and they have wasted their money and they are not going to get their money back nor any satisfaction. BTW, Zynga states in their little blurp to use their games you can't sue them but they will do arbitration. Consumer arbitration costs $200. So, they know no one is going to pay $200 so they can continue to scam people out of their money with no repercussions.

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