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Why doesn't anyone let you know they are working on a fix?

karen1945karen1945 MuffinPosts: 23Facebook Connect User Delightful Duckling

I turned in a problem with the game not loading at all on my Kindle Fire a week ago. I click game to play it and just get "Hit It Rich has Stopped", this has been constant now. Bad enough I can't play on my desktop due to lack of coins and 2 hour bonus going back to day one because I could not collect it while on my 2 day trip because of the game not loading on kindle. I think it very unfair that I had to start my bonus streak all over because of a Zynga game issue, and they hope you will buy coins? Not gonna happen with the way things have been lately. Do I sound ticked off, yes I am, mainly because noone has the decency to even send an email saying they are working on the problem I sent in.

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