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Why am I not winning very many credits.

dtlf13dtlf13 Posts: 1Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star

Wizard of Oz. I've bee playing for over 1 1/2 years, I think I reached a Billion credits only a couple times. It doesnt last long, it's gone in a flash, I'm not changing my bet amount by a lot but the credits disappear ofly quick. I can only seem to play around a couple hundred million, most of the time I'm to poor to play & don't always have enough cash to buy any. I just let the bonuses pile up & keep trying. Support said it was bad luck, bad luck for over a year?!!! I think not, some games find the weakest & cheapest players & leave them in the dust. I've vented a couple of times to support, this last time they sent me here. I really like this game but if I keep loosing all the time I don't see anything to stick around for. Unless there is a mirical & some credits just happen to appear. Venting does make me feel a bit better but does nothing for my game.


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