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Another zynga cheat.

Maarten BijwaardMaarten Bijwaard Delightful DucklingPosts: 84Registered User Dramachine
edited July 2017 in General Discussion

When buying an coin package, you LOOSE ALL coins you had before you bought the package. Seemed to have happened at least 3 times now. First time i noticed it, i didn't remember how much i had, second time (maybe an hour ago, i lost around 10 mil coins, en 3rd time some 400/500k coins.

There is NO way that the amount i bought is exactly the same as my buildup (you can't get to exactly zero!)


  • Maarten BijwaardMaarten Bijwaard Delightful Duckling Posts: 84Registered User Dramachine

    Just tested it again, and behold...

    Before buyin....

    After buying :

    It's obvious that Zynga is cheating their LOYAL customers, and don't give me the BS that it's a bug. You do it intentionally, you greedy buggers...

  • KscottyKscotty Posts: 1Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star

    70m coins, one big win of 6m and now all gone. n casino in the world would do that. zynga have nothing good about them all they do is scam us well they can f***off i had it with them, time for a good casino me thinks

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