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Ripped off by rigged slots

abulzouzabulzouz Posts: 20Registered User, Facebook Connect User Delightful Duckling

I lost about 45,000,000 COINS in less than 15 MINUTES bidding 570,000 in my COUNT OF 77 consecutive spins, i ONLY had 4 winning spins of above my 570,000 bids and 5 spins ending up between 57,000 and 285,000 out of 570,000 bid, i counted out the zero wins of 68 spins in streaks of 5 to 15 consecutive spins at a time, the **** game is rigged so bad and showing everything on the screen, IGNORED spins that were supposed to be big to huge WINNERS had they been treated like the other winners.
Also the 20 free spins have an average of 15 ZERO wins with 7 of them should have been winners with all fairness, every slot machine player's goal is to achieve the highest winning amounts to stay ahead, the free spins and the bonuses are the reason to bid so high, without the two, no one would ever get ahead and stay ahead, and that is why we risk bidding the highest number of coins.
If ZINGA or FACEBOOK really care about their every day playing customers, they should reimburse me the loses caused by their wrong doings and they must review their highest cheaters work who put the games together and say enough is enough making the cheats so visible to their customers.
Fair games should be a must, and keeping customers happy is THE KEY to make more money and have them come back to spend more of it.

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