SIR not getting free spin or coin gifts from friends

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In the very 1st week I had Spin it Rich I got a few gifts from friends but within days that stopped. HIR I get them all no problem, wonka, WOZ & now princess bride slots I get free gifts daily no problem from all the same friends who I have on SIR too. I do get the SIR notifications saying I was sent Spins from such & such but they are never there when I open the game. It's on my android mobile. I am able to send free spins & coin gifts without any issue as well. I have hard stopped it, uninstalled & reinstalled the game many times, checked my settings, cleared out excess data & cached info & even upgrade my smart phone & added quite a bit of memory storage space all to no avail. I'm at a loss. It's only Spin it Rich I have this issue with none of the other Zynga games. Any suggestions on how to fix this or am I out of luck? Thanks



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    I don't recieve any gifts in this game. I have sent a ticket out to support and severel emails. No response yet. I know it's a on going problem for lots of people who play Spin it Rich. It's such a fun game wirh really good slots. I hope it can be fixed soon.
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    I am not buying any coins until they fix the daily free spins. It's their rules not mine. If they can't abide by their rules why spend money .

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