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What is Profile feature?

This a feature where you can edit your own information, track game play stats, and view other players' profiles.

Do I need to be connected to Loyalty Lounge?

Everyone will have a profile by default. However, you need to sign up for Loyalty Lounge in order to customize your profile photo and information.

Will my changes sync to my other game profiles connected to Loyalty Lounge?

Yes, if you are Loyalty Lounge connected in all Slots games, when you update your profile in one game, such as photo, name, status and location, these changes will be synced to other games’ profile too.

Where can I find the Profile feature?

There will be a pop-up introducing the Profile feature. There will be a button that will take players to their Profile as well.

What is available in my Profile?

1. Profile tab - you can edit your profile

2. Games tab - you can view your game stats, including the game stats from other Zynga slots games, if you are connected to Loyalty Lounge in all these games using the same email address.

What is under the Profile tab?

1. Manage your own profile - Select "Edit Profile" if you want to make changes with the following:

Photo - You can use your current FB profile photo or pick one from our Avatar library.

What’s on your mind - This is a short description of your mood today.

Name - Editable section where you can add your name/nickname.

Location - Editable section where you can enter your location.

Gender - Editable section where you can add your gender.

What is under Games tab?

Biggest Win - This is your biggest winning spin from all accounts under the same network ID within the past 30 days.

Level - This is your game level for each game. If there are multiple accounts linked to the same Network ID in the same game, this will show the highest level of all accounts.

Favorite Machine - The machine that has the most spins in the last 30 days.

Last Played - This is the date you have last played.

How can I view other players' Profiles?

It will be available under Friends tab. Click on the photo of your friend to view their profile.

Can I edit other players' profiles?

No, you will not be able to change anything on another player’s profile.

Can I view a player’s profile if they are not registered to Loyalty Lounge?

Yes, you should always be able to view another player’s LL profile, even if you are not LL connected.

Can I report any abuse or profanity?

Yes, you will be able to report another player’s profile for abuse or profanity issues. Click the "REPORT" button on the lower-right side when you view their profile.

Our Customer Service team will review your report and take actions if needed.

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