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Spin It Rich! – Guess the Score Challenge Winners List

nadiarupanadiarupa Posts: 33Registered User, Community Manager Moderator

Congratulations to our 20 winners who spun on 7 or less for GUESS THE SCORE!

1.Diane B.
2. Anonymous
3. Jean F.
4. Larry H.
5. Lyndie G.
6. Anna L.
7. Lydia T.
8. Ashley B.
9. Carol S.
10. Vince I.
11. Kenny C.
12. Darren R.
13. Bill D.
14. Francis G.
15. Eddie B.
16. Mark G.
17. Anonymous
18. Rhonda P.
19. Chris R.
20. Janet P.

We have credited your accounts with 100M Coins.


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