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Souvenir room for Wizard of Oz

Meminnihaha7Meminnihaha7 Posts: 3Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star

What if there was a souvenir room that players could go to and personalize also interact with souvenirs stuffed animals, picture frames, lights, tv, music player. Maybe these souvenirs are earned during a bonus play if a player can't wait to earn it maybe there should be a store to purchase (using coins or real money) Also what if there are secrets in this room and maybe one of the secrets leads to a garden and this garden can be manipulated and changed to suit the player but in the middle of this garden is a machine this machine is locked, The machine can only be unlocked by a series of keys these keys are hidden throughout all the levels but there is a map that will give hints as to which machines would have keys.

If you ever need an ideas generator please pick me, if you need a tester who will give honest feedback, pick me, if you need an item from the top shelf, don't pick me, I'm short.

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